About us

Started 15 years ago as a small family business and have tried to follow the trend and remain true to our motto "Quality instead of quantity" for the last two or three years. That's why we chose Frenchic Furnitrue Paint. If you can also sell a product that is reasonably priced by quality, this is how it should be.

We have tested almost every color on the market and are proud to start with Frenchic Furniture Paint in 2020. With the foundation of the company in December 2014, Pam Gruhn made his dream come true and followed in the footsteps of his parents, who had already run a brush factory. A winner of six in the lottery because the contacts and, above all, the quality control for good product use already existed so you could quickly develop your own color and produce it yourself. Frenchic Paint has quickly become a global name for eco-friendly upcycling inspiration. We are proud to support the fastest growing chalk paint manufacturer in England. The Frenchic Paint phenomenon has really made an impact and has taken the world of interior decoration by storm, which is popular with both interior designers and environmentally conscious DIY users, as it can also be used outdoors for many different projects.