yellowchair® chalk color was rated VERY GOOD by ÖKO-TEST 12 chalk colors have been tested in the 08/2018 edition and the 2019 ÖKO-TEST yearbook. With the overall grade ?VERY GOOD?, the shade No. 32 (1 liter) assesses and confirms my concept. No other chalk color has received a VERY GOOD or a GOOD. The chalk paint coated with silica sol is highly opaque and breathable. Free of VOC, water-based and CO2-neutral, yellowchair chalk paint is harmless to people and the environment. Scope of application: yellowchair chalk paint can be used universally for indoor use on load-bearing lime and cement plaster, on clay plaster, on concrete, brick, on wallpaper and raw wood. Also on matt emulsion paint and silicone resin coatings. Pretreatment with yellowchair wall primer is recommended for strongly absorbent or differently absorbent substrates.
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